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Wedgewood Family Market

Escape the crowds and get a taste of authentic country living at the Wedgewood Family Market on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.

Situated on the Wedgewood Golf and Country Estate, this monthly fair is perfect for free-range families in search of fun.

Here you’ll find farm-fresh produce straight from the soil, mouth-watering artisanal food and expertly brewed craft beer.

Here you’ll unearth handmade products lovingly crafted in time-honoured tradition.

And here you’ll meet people as authentic and real as the products they sell.

Experience the unhurried pace of country living – come for breakfast and stay for lunch. With ample parking, wide open spaces and a safe, tranquil environment, you’ll find yourself slowing down and relaxing in no time at all.

Open from 9am to 2pm on the second Saturday of every month. The first market launches on October 10th 2015.